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Agustín Marchesín is a household name for football fans. However, much about his early days remains a mystery even to his die-hard fan. Agustín prefers to keep his early life as mysterious as possible. Likewise, the Argentine footballer has a tight grasp over what he wants the world to know. Nevertheless, Marchesín does share about his family on his social media.

Agustín holds a successful career as the goalkeeper for the Argentine national team. What's more, Marchesín played for his country for over a decade. Furthermore, he came to the international scene in 2011. And currently, Agustín plays for Celta de Vigo FC, and he joined the club in 2022. 

How much is the net worth of Agustín Marchesín?

As of 2022, Agustín Marchesín holds an estimated net worth of $10 million. As seen in Agustín's various Instagram posts, big-name brands like Adidas have a deal with the Argentine footballer. And given the success of Marchesín's career, Adidas pays him a huge chunk of money. Moreover, the Argentine GK makes an estimated $1.25 million from his deal with the sportswear giant.

AgustínAgustín Marchesín posted a promotional picture for Adidas on Instagram. SOURCE: Instagram@agustinmarchesin1

Besides, Marchesín earned around $12.3 million in 2022 alone. Throughout Agustín's career, the goalkeeper scored millions of euros from the clubs that signed him. In 2019, FC Porto paid 7.5 million Euros to Club América. Moreover, in 2015, Santos Laguna paid Lanus FC 4.2 million Euros for the transfer.

With the wealth Agustín earned from his football career, he provides a luxurious life for his family. Moreover, Marchesín and his significant other travel to exotic places for vacations. Similarly, the Argentine national team member loves to share his stories about his journey on social media. 

From the tropical beaches to the busy streets in Los Vagas, Agustín loves to visit new places. However, the goalie keeps his assets away from the internet. The details about Agustín's houses and cars remain hidden from the media.

Career Highlights and Clubs of Agustín Marchesín 

Agustín Marchesín came to the spotlight directly in the senior's career. Moreover, Agustín keeps his youth journey in football away from the media. And in 2009, the talented goalie started his career at Club Atlético Lanús.

AgustínAgustín Marchesín was holding the Copa América cup after his team won the tournament in 2021. SOURCE: Instagram@agustinmarchesin1

Marchesín was a member of the said club from 2007, but he was a non-playing member then. On March 1st, 2009, he made his official debut against Gimnasia de Jujuy. Agustín and his team would win the match with two and nil on the scoreboard.

Agustín stayed with the club till 2014, and in December of the same year, he joined the Santos Laguna. The Argentine goalie replaced the legendary Mexican goalkeeper Oswaldo Sánchez. Furthermore, in his first year in Laguna, Marchesín won two tournaments.

After Laguna, the Argentine player joined Club América. Likewise, he appeared for the 100th time in a league tournament. Furthermore, Agustín would win his first league tournament playing for América on December 16, 2018.

Later on July 31st, 2019, Agustín joined the FC Porto with a four-year contract. Moreover, Marchesín played fifty-six matches in total for the Portuguese football club. While playing for Porto, he won the 2021's Taça de Portugal And more recently, Porto sold the Argentine goalie to Celta de Vigo on August 2nd, 2022. What's more, Agustín signed a three-year deal with Celta and the option for one more year.

Injuries of Agustín 

As an athlete, one can face many obstacles in their career, and Agustín Marchesín faced three injuries that halted his career for days, even months. And because of it, Agustín missed a total of eight matches in total.

Marchesín's first injury occurred after a knock in 2016. Moreover, that caused the goalie to take sixty-one days of leave from the sport. Thankfully, Agustín led injury-free matches for four years.

Later on, Marchesín suffered a bruised rib on October 1st, 2020. And so, the Argentine player took a leave for thirteen days. Finally, in 2021, Agustín faced a knee injury. Also, because of this injury, the goalie missed six games. Additionally, Agustín recovered from the wound on September 26th, 2021.

Married life of Agustín Marchesín 

Yes, the talented goalkeeper, Agustín Marchesín, is a married man. What's more, Agustín tied the knot with his long-time girlfriend, Sol Ochanio. The Argentine footballer and Sol exchanged their marital vows on July 5th, 2016.

AgustínAgustín Marchesín posted a picture of him and his wife, Sol Ochanio, on their wedding day. SOURCE: Instagram@agustinmarchesin1

Agustín and his wife Sol dated for years before taking it to the next step. They walked down the aisles on their big day after knowing that they had chosen a partner for life. Ochanio gained her way into the spotlight after her wedding to her famous husband, Marchesín. However, the goalie's wife enjoys her life away from the unwanted limelight, and so much about Agustín's spouse remains hidden from the world.

Marchesín and his wife, Sol, welcomed a son in their married life. Furthermore, the Argentine goalie and his life partner gave birth to their kid on November 10th, 2017. But, the talented athlete likes his child away from the spotlight.

As we mentioned earlier, Agustín likes to spend his fortune on his wife and kid. And as such, the footballer and his family travel worldwide for vacations. Similarly, Marchesín shares his break with his spouse and child on his Instagram.

Even though Marchesín shares pictures of his wife and kid on social media, how he and Sol started their relationship remains a mystery. Similarly, most of his previous romantic flings stay hidden from the world.

Perosnal Info and Bio of Agustín Marchesín

The Argentine goalie Agustín Marchesín was born on March 16th, 1988. Moreover, the talented athlete's full name is Agustín Federico Marchesín. Likewise, Agustín comes under the zodiac Pisces as he was born on March 16th. Marchesín was born in San Cayetano, Argentina, to his parents. Please do keep reading to learn about Agustín's father and mother.

AgustínAgustín Marchesín posted a picture he took with his family. SOURCE: Instagram@agustinmarchesin1

Marchesín was born to Pachi Rios and Pablo Marchesín. Furthermore, Pachi, his mom, and Pablo, his father, often make an appearance on their son's social media posts. Yet, his parents remain a mysterious figure.

Agustín grew up with two siblings in his family. Moreover, the goalkeeper has two younger brothers. Furthermore, Pablo and his wife named their other kids Jeremias Marchesín and Fadael Marchesín.

The Argentine goalie and his family share a strong bond. Moreover, his parents and brothers frequently appear on Agustín's social media posts. The world-renowned goalie loves spending time with his parents and siblings. Likewise, he and his whole family celebrate the holidays together every year.

Height and Weight of Agustín 

Agustín Marchesín is a tall man who stands six feet and two inches. As a towering man, Marchesín is most definitely an intimidating person.

Agustín weighs in around 80 kilogram. Likewise, the Argentine football star possesses a muscular build. Marchesín has a dark brown shade of hair and a pair of brown eyes.

Social Media Presence of Marchesín

Playing for the national football team of Argentina, Agustín Marchesín managed to gain hundreds of thousands of followers. And Agustín mainly uses Instagram and Twitter. However, his loyal fans created a fan page on Facebook as well.

The Argentine soccer star prefers Instagram over other social media sites. Likewise, the footballer updates his fans about his training and life almost daily on the said site. And Marchesín's account gained over 800k followers.

Although Agustín's Twitter is verified like his Instagram, the goalie's presence on Twitter isn't as big as IG. Over the years, Marchesín collected just over 200k followers on Twitter.


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