Is Ronaldinho Single or Married currently? Know about Ronaldinho's Married Life and children

by Jon Snow Mon Feb,2018
Is Ronaldinho Single or Married currently? Know about Ronaldinho's Married Life and children

The living legend of the football, Ronaldinho, surely doesn't need any introduction. The 37-year Brazilian footballer, born as Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, is the 2 times FIFA World Player of the Year and the winner of 2005 Ballon d'Or. Besides his successful professional career of 18 years, Ronaldinho has acquired an estimated net worth of $90 million.

Along with his football retirement announcement on January 16,  2018, Ronaldinho's personal life is in the highlights too. Well, Ronaldinho is married only once in his life and shares a son with his wife, Janaina Nattielle Mendes.

So, how is the couple's married life going and their relationship? Let's know all about his relationship, past affairs and married life along with his children.

Married life and children of Ronaldinho and Relationship with his Wife

Talking about the relationship issues, Ronaldinho seems to be of private-personality, however,  every move of the famous celebrity gets the attention of all. Even though Ronaldinho has not exposed the dating detail with Janaina, but as reported, the couple was attached together in 2002 and later got married on May 12, 2004, after 2 years of intimate relationship.

Adding up, Ronaldinho's wife Janaina is a Brazilian dancer, though no news of her recent profession is out yet.

After nearly a year of their marriage, Ronaldinho and Janaina became the parents for the first time. The couple welcomed their son, João de Assis Moreira on February 25, 2005, who Ronaldinho named after his late father. The couple experiencing the family goals even shared the happy moments together.

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[ CAPTION: Ronaldinho with his wife and son ][ SOURCE: Success Story ]

Cool right?

But wait, surely you know that things always don't go the way as we will, right? Yeah, you guessed that right, the couple is reported to have split as they haven't made their appearances together for a long time.  Also as per in 2012, Ronaldinho confessed his will to get married. He said:

"I'm too crazy to get married. I never wanted to marry without having a proper married life. I think I need to retire first, as I'll still have a while yet. Although I want to marry, I also like the single life, not having to please anyone."

Probably this indicates that he had split up with Janaina but the details are still undisclosed. Furthermore, Ronaldinho was seen dating other ladies too. Probably they kept the issue low or maybe they haven't filed for divorce even after the split as not news has surfaced till now.


Their son seems to be in the custody of Ronaldinho, and no news of Ronaldinho's official relationship is out currently.

Let's wish him best and know about Ronaldinho's past affairs and rumors.

Past Affairs and Rumors of Ronaldinho

The former jersey no. 10 Barcelona midfielder, Ronaldinho, who played alongside Lionel Messi, however, is not free from the rumors and past affairs. Back in 2006, Ronaldinho was in a relationship with French model Alexandra Paressant but the relationship ended in 2008 after 2 years of dating.

Later in 2010, Ronaldinho was reported to be dating Pornstar Sara Tomassi, it lived till 2011.  But no detail of the reason for their break-up is out yet. Prior, Ronaldhino is also alleged to have a relationship with Lisa Collins and Ximena Capristo.

[ CAPTION: Ronaldinho's former girlfriend Sara Tomassi ][ SOURCE: Otto Pagine ]

As of now, The Brazilian is believed to be single. He has planned to focus his career towards music following retirement from football. He also has a plan to run a football academy. However, he is yet to make any announcement regarding his personal life.

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