30 Years Baseballer Clayton Kershaw Is In a Married Relationship With Wife Ellen Kershaw Since 2010

Wed May,2018
30 Years Baseballer Clayton Kershaw Is In a Married Relationship With Wife Ellen Kershaw Since 2010 Baseball

Married to his high-school sweetheart, Ellen Melson, Clayton Kershaw is an American born pro baseball pitcher. The father of two currently plays for MLA's Los Angeles Dodgers.

Born on 19th March 1988, the 30-year-old made his debut as a professional baseballer back on May 25, 2008, for his current team. Moreover, he has also been named MLB All-Star seven times, NL MVP once and has won numerous other titles and awards.

Keeping his professional life aside, here we are going to share some information about his marital life and relationship with wife Ellen Kershaw and their children.

Clayton Kershaw and Ellen Kershaw married since 2010: Know more about their marital life.

Mr. and Mrs. Kershaw started dating back in 2003, and we assume that at that time, they were both in their high-school senior year. They instantly started dating, and their love story is nothing less than a fairy tale.

Kershaw, who has openly spoken, how he made his dreams come true, marrying his high school sweetheart and above all their blissful relationship, continuing their marriage is the most amazing thing ever. Thier two children are cherry on the top of their relationship.

Mr. and Mrs. Kershaw during their high-school years.


#TBT to high school in Dallas, Texas. One class period - on an ordinary Monday night - became a defining moment for me. The teacher went around the room and asked students to share their dreams and the people who had been influential in their lives... It was finally my turn... and I knew my answer would probably get some critique. I told everyone in that class that the people of influence in my life were professional athletes. Then I confidently declared that my dream was to play baseball professionally. There were a few chuckles from some friends in the back of the room who all knew where this was going. But I stood my ground, knowing somewhere in my heart that it was a dream worth stating, chasing and even defending. The teacher was gracious in his response, but he got right to the point. He explained to me that goals were certainly important, but that we should always consider the odds. He reminded me of the statistics. With a hint of sarcasm, I told the teacher that he had crushed my dream. He could tell that his speech about the odds had left me dejected, so he quickly shifted gears and tried to encourage me. “I do want you to understand the odds, Clayton. They are one in a million. But the important thing is that you see yourself as the one. Don’t think about the million. Visualize yourself being the one who makes it. You are the one. Be the one." I could have written it off as a lame attempt to salvage my dream, but something actually clicked inside me at that moment. My teacher’s comments inspired my focus on the dream. He hit the nail on the head. Be the one. I started to visualize myself as the one who would make it. Through a teacher in an elective leadership class, the Lord lit a fire underneath me that propelled me towards becoming more of the man He intended me to be. #WillFindsAWay @underarmour

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The pair dated for more than ten years and faced all the ups and downs together, a pair might face. Finally, on 4th Dec 2010, the couple tied the knot in Dallas Texas' Highland Park Presbyterian Church while their reception took place at Royal Oaks Country Club.

With over hundred guests and a vibrant environment, their wedding was featured in numerous headlines and magazines.

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Since they got married in December of 2010, it has been more than seven years and more than fourteen years since they started dating. And adding the fact that they are very supportive of each other in every event. There are no rumors about them splitting or getting a divorce makes their relationship even better.

Clayton Kershaw and Ellen Kershaw's children

As we have already mentioned above, Mr. and Mrs. Kershaw have two children together. Their first child, a baby girl was born on 23rd Jan 2015. Her name is Cali Ann, and she is currently 3-years-old.
Even though the pair waited five years before having their first child, they did not wait very long to welcome their second child into the world.

Their second child, a baby boy was born just a year after the birth of their first child, on 19th November 2016. His name is Charley Clayton, and he is currently a year old.

The entire family can be spotted together supporting Clayton's non-profit organization, Kershaw's Challange. Recently in May of 2018, the organization donated $1 million to Arise Africa.