Who is MS Dhoni Married To? Dhoni's Wife, Family, Children. Also Get To Know About His Net Worth, Contracts, Salary and Sponsors

Tue Jun,2023
Who is MS Dhoni Married To? Dhoni's Wife, Family, Children. Also Get To Know About His Net Worth, Contracts, Salary and Sponsors Cricket

Indian cricketer MS Dhoni tied the knot with his girlfriend Sakshi Rawat in July 2010. The wedding was a private affair and took place at Vishranti Resort, located around 25 km outside Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand. The ceremony was attended by close friends and teammates of Dhoni.

Following the wedding, a reception was likely held in Mumbai, where the couple resides. After a courtship period of approximately two years, Dhoni married Sakshi, a young woman from Dehradun, on July 4, 2010. At the time, Dhoni was 28 years old, just days away from celebrating his 29th birthday when they officially became husband and wife.

MS Dhoni Wife, Sakshi Rawat: Know About Dhoni and Sakshi's Children

MS Dhoni and his wife Sakshi Dhoni are proud parents of a daughter named Ziva Dhoni. Ziva Dhoni, born on February 6, 2015, in Gurgaon, Haryana, gained immense popularity at a young age and continues to be widely recognized across the nation.

MSMS Dhoni with his wife and daughter.  SOURCE: Instagram- @sakshising_r

MS Dhoni, due to his cricket commitments, saw his daughter for the first time two months after her birth at the Ranchi Airport. Ziva Dhoni has been receiving her education from prestigious institutions like Welham Girls School in Dehradun and Jawahar Vidya Mandir in Ranchi. She currently resides in Ranchi with her grandparents, uncle, and aunts.

MS Dhoni Net Worth, Salary, and Career Earnings: Former Indian Cricket team Captain National and International Earnings

MS Dhoni, renowned cricketer and former captain of the Indian cricket team, has amassed substantial wealth throughout his career, making him one of the wealthiest cricketers globally. Dhoni has an estimated net worth of $127 million (equivalent to approximately Rs 1040 crore).

MSMS Dhoni has an estimated net worth of $111 Million.  SOURCE: Instagram- @mahi7781

Over the past five years, his net worth has witnessed significant growth. Dhoni's earnings stem from various sources, including his salary from the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), his salary from the Indian Premier League (IPL), lucrative endorsements and advertisement deals, real estate investments, and other financial ventures.

Dhoni's association with numerous renowned brands allows him to command high fees for his endorsements. For his shoots, he reportedly charges brands anywhere between Rs 4-6 crores per day. This indicates his strong market value and widespread popularity.

Alongside his cricketing career, Dhoni has actively pursued commercial ventures, capitalizing on his brand image and popularity. These business endeavors, combined with his successful cricketing career and shrewd investments, have contributed to his impressive net worth, solidifying his position among the wealthiest cricketers globally.

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MS Dhoni IPL Contract and Salary: Dhoni's Chennai Suoer King's Contract

MS Dhoni has been an integral part of the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) since joining the team in 2008. His association with CSK has remained steadfast over the years. Here are the contract and salary details of Dhoni's IPL journey with CSK from 2008 to 2023:

Dhoni's IPL contract with CSK has seen consistent salary figures. In the initial years, from 2008 to 2013, he earned ₹60,000,000 per season. Subsequently, his salary witnessed an increase, with Dhoni earning ₹82,800,000 per season from 2011 to 2013. In 2014 and 2015, Dhoni's salary further rose to ₹125,000,000 per season.

However, due to the suspension of CSK in 2016 and 2017, Dhoni played for the Rising Pune Supergiant, earning ₹125,000,000 each season. With CSK's return in 2018, Dhoni's salary reached a new high of ₹150,000,000 per season, which he retained in 2019 and 2020.

Despite a reduction in salary to ₹120,000,000 for the 2022 and 2023 seasons, CSK chose to retain Dhoni for the same amount. Thus, as of 2023, Dhoni's IPL salary stands at ₹12 crores, and he continues to be a key player and leader for the Chennai Super Kings.

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Ms. Dhoni Sponsors: Dhoni's Lucrative deals with his Sponsors

MS Dhoni has established himself as a highly sought-after brand ambassador, with numerous lucrative sponsorship deals in his portfolio. One notable deal was his association with Maxx Mobile, which surpassed the previous record set by cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar. This sponsorship agreement was reportedly valued at over US$40 million, making it the most lucrative deal in Indian cricket history.

MSDhoni holds the honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Parachute Regiment of the Indian Territorial Army. SOURCE: Instagram- @mahi7781

Among his other notable brand endorsements, Dhoni became the face of Cars24, a prominently used car marketplace, in 2018. He has also been associated with Indian Terrain, a well-known men's clothing brand, since 2019, serving as the brand's ambassador and featuring in their advertising campaigns. Additionally, Dhoni has been the brand ambassador for Dream11, a popular fantasy sports platform, since 2018, showcasing his strong influence in the gaming sector.

Dhoni's endorsement portfolio extends to a wide range of industries. He has been associated with reputable brands such as RedBus, Gulf Oil, Colgate, GoDaddy, Mastercard, and Orient Electric. These partnerships span across sectors such as transportation, lubricants, personal care, web hosting, financial services, and consumer electricals. Collectively, Dhoni's endorsement earnings are estimated to be around USD 27 million, reflecting his widespread appeal and marketability as a brand ambassador throughout his illustrious career.