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PSR 10 Aug,2023

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Weston Wilson
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Weston Wilson
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Madison Hauck
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Baseball Player
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Philadelphia Phillies


Married to
Madison Hauck
Currently Married
Relationship Status

American professional baseball player Weston Wilson is known for his collegiate journey with Clemson University's Tigers baseball team and has carved his path in the Major Leagues as both an outfielder and infielder.

Presently aligned with the Philadelphia Phillies, Wilson's versatile prowess adds a dynamic dimension to his team's lineup. Weston's journey into the professional arena began in 2016 when the Milwaukee Brewers selected him in the 17th round, marking the 501st overall pick.

Weston Wilson Updated Net Worth 2023: How rich is the Athlete?

Weston Wilson has played baseball for 7 years but hasn't yet revealed his career earnings. However, Mr. Wilson boasts a staggering net worth of half a million dollars i.e. $500,000. Weston is doing his best in the competitive world of baseball and is enjoying his luxuries with his passionate wife, Madison.

Weston laughs along his teammates Weston is a charismatic athlete who enjoys socializing. SOURCE: Instagram- @_westonwilson

Some of the richest athletes in the realm of baseball are Derek Jeter, with a substantial net worth of $200 millionAlbert Pujols holds a significant position on the list with a net worth of $339.21 million, while Miguel Cabrera follows suit with a notable net worth of $321 million. Rounding out the list is Justin Verlander, whose impressive net worth amounts to $274.588 million.

Weston Wilson Hot Wife, Madison Hauck: When Did He Marry Her?

When it comes to love life, Weston doesn't shy away instead he is a confident man with a beautiful wife with whom Weston has been together for 6 years. Wilson and his wife, Madison Hauck are so in love that they have already wedded hosting a staggering and shiny wedding event which looks like they had invited their close friends and family. Then the couple wrapped up their wedding by sharing an intimated dreamy kiss with a ballroom dance.

Weston's Wedding Event: Kisses Mrs. MadisonTheir wedding date is September 22, 2022. SOURCE: Instagram- @_westonwilson

The couple seems like newlywed and could welcome a new member to their family anytime from now. The spiciness of their relationship is seen in their photos and Madison seems like she is a model. While Opening her Instagram page anyone can be blown away by her breathtaking beauty and classic style.

Madison is a model with keen sense of fashion.Madison works for Wilhelmina SOURCE: Instagram- @madisonhauck

Hauck is a New York City-based model and works for Wilhelmina and the company claims to be the world's leading modeling agency. However, Madison hasn't revealed her salary or earnings from modeling and leads a relatively private life while effortlessly maintaining her social media accounts.

Weston Career Earnings, Contract & Salary

Weston Wilson is a relatively new player in Major League Baseball, and his earnings and contract details may not be publicly available yet. As of August 2023, Weston Wilson is playing for the Philadelphia Phillies as an outfielder and infielder.

Weston with his friend on his friend's weddingWeston congrats his friend on his wedding  SOURCE: Instagram- @_westonwilson

Weston might have total estimated career earnings of $1 Million but these statements can only be estimated for now and will be updated when the player reveals through his official platform. Wilson earns a base salary of $720,000 yearly and his yearly adj. salary is $216,776 a year.

Weston is currently in a pre-arbitrary contract that spans a year where he will earn $720,000 a year, Pre-arbitration constitutes a process within Major League Baseball (MLB) wherein teams and players negotiate contracts outside the formal salary structure. 

This phase primarily encompasses players with less than three years of experience in the major leagues, typically earning around the league minimum during their initial three years of service. These agreements offer players increased financial stability in their early careers, and the specifics of pre-arbitration contracts vary based on individual players and team dynamics.

Weston Wilson Endorsement Deals & Sponsorships

Weston Wilson's endorsement agreements or sponsorships are currently not accessible. It's worth highlighting that Weston Wilson is a relatively emerging figure in Major League Baseball, which might explain the absence of substantial information about his public image or affiliations with brands.

Weston with his wife inside their comfy carWeston and Madison are love birds.  SOURCE: Instagram- @_westonwilson

With his career advancing and his visibility within MLB growing, opportunities for securing endorsement contracts or sponsorships could potentially arise for Weston Wilson. Yet, it's important to underline that as of now, no data is present concerning any such arrangements.

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Weston Game Play and MLB Stats

Weston Wilson has garnered attention for his remarkable adaptability, showcasing his ability to excel in both outfield and infield positions. The spotlight intensified when he entered the Major League Baseball scene with the Philadelphia Phillies on August 9, 2023. During his maiden at-bat in his professional career, he swung for the fences, launching a memorable home run.

Weston is phillies' athleteMadison is a fit athlete playing for Phillies. SOURCE: Instagram- @_westonwilson

As of August 10, 2023, Weston Wilson has been designated as a left fielder, a role he undertakes while wielding a right-handed batting and throwing style. Early statistics compiled by Baseball-Reference depict his debut MLB game, where he secured one hit, which also happened to be a home run, amassing a total of four runs batted in. Prior to this remarkable start, Wilson honed his skills in the minor leagues, accumulating over 2,500 at-bats across multiple seasons. His stint in the minors saw him deliver 97 home runs, marking his prowess as a power hitter.

In the minor leagues, Wilson's performance is underscored by a batting average of .254, reflective of his consistency at the plate. His on-base percentage stands at .321, indicating his capability to secure opportunities for his team, while his slugging percentage of .452 underscores his capacity to deliver impactful hits. 

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Wilson Collegiate Career: Clemson Tigers Stats

Weston Wilson made a name for himself as an infielder for the Clemson Tigers baseball team during his time from 2014 to 2016. His college career was defined by a .246 batting average and a solid .321 on-base percentage, indicating his consistent performance at the plate. Over 112 games, with an impressive 101 starts, Wilson's dedication to the game shone through.

Throughout his Tigers journey, Wilson's hitting prowess was evident with 14 doubles, one triple, and seven home runs. His impact extended beyond the numbers, contributing 49 RBIs, and 45 runs, and showcasing his plate discipline with 36 walks. Notably, Wilson's role on the team evolved over the years – he took up a starting position at third base in 2014 and 2015 before transitioning into the essential everyday starter at second base in 2016. 


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