Tom Brady Sr.

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Facts of Tom Brady Sr.

Full Name
Thomas Edward Brady Sr.
Last Name
Birth Name
Thomas Edward Brady
First Name
Famous Name
Tom Brady Sr
Current City
San Francisco, California
Birth Date
Married to
Galynn Patricia Brady
Currently Married
Relationship Status
Tom Brady, Maureen Brady, Julie Brady, Nancy Brady


Career & Net worth

Net Worth
Famous for
Tom Brady's father
CEO of Thomas Brady & Associates
House Location
Property Status


Married to
Galynn Patricia Brady
Currently Married
Relationship Status

Tom Brady Sr. gets along well with his seven-time Super Bowl winner and NFL quarterback son Tom Bardy. Brady Sr. established the independent insurance firm Thomas Brady & Associates and still serves as its CEO.

Although Tom Brady, the former Patriots quarterback, is considered the greatest NFL quarterback in history, he looks up to his father, Tom Brady Sr. Tom Brady, the quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, recently declared his retirement but returned after a 40-day absence.

Early life, educational and physical status

Tom Brady Sr. was born in 1944. On May 6, Tom Brady Sr. celebrates his birthday. Tom was born in California, USA. Tom's parents' identities and other specifics of his early life are still unknown in this writing. The athlete's father attended the University of San Francisco and received a B.S. in sociology while growing up in San Francisco.

TomTom Bardy Sr. with his son  SOURCE: instagram@tombrady

Tom Brady Sr. is highly well-built, judging by his fantastic body Tom Brady has. Thomas was highly athletic in his youth and was even selected by the MLB, just like his son. Except for the fact that he seems tall and is somewhat shorter than his kid. He has 6 feet 11 inches in height and 70kg in weight.

Tom Brady Sr. Career

In the business world, Tom Brady Sr. is the CEO and founder of Thomas Brady and Associates, an insurance firm in San Francisco, California. But before starting the company, he had other objectives in mind.

TomTom Brady Sr.  SOURCE:

Tom Sr. struggled between baseball and the priesthood, just like his son, who struggled between baseball and football. But Sr. chooses an insurance firm later. In 1968, Tom Sr. began working for New England Life, where he spent eight years in the insurance industry. His company, Thomas Brady and Associates, was afterward founded by him. He has had a lot of success with his independent insurance agency. In 2007, he created a Boston office, followed by a New York branch.

Tom Brady Sr.'s Net Worth

Though tom Bardy has his own insurance company, he has not revealed how much money he earns from that company. So, it is difficult to state how much his salary is. According to different reports, his net worth might be $20M. However, his star son Tom Bardy's estimated net worth is $250M.

Brady Sr.'s Marital Status

According to a proverb, having someone love you profoundly gives you bravery, while having someone love you deeply gives you strength. Galynn Patricia Brady, nee Johnson, the woman Tom Brady Sr. has loved for over 50 years, is his life partner.

TomTom Brady on the left with his family member  SOURCE: instagram@tombrady

Tom Brady Sr. and Galynn Brady have been setting standards for a beautiful marriage for decades. They are indeed a match made in heaven. In the presence of their fantastic family, the couple just celebrated 52 years of marriage. California is the place where the two first met. At the time, Galynn was a flight attendant, and Tom worked at his insurance company.

They both tied up the knot on April 19, 1969. The par is blessed with four children three daughters and one son. Tom Brady is their only son and is a professional American football player. Maureen, Julie, and nancy are their three daughters.


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