That's So Chinious Of Ronaldo, But Why did Cristiano Ronaldo Stroke his Chin After Scoring for Portugal?

June 16, 2018
First published on:June 16, 2018
by James

"That's Co Chinious Of Ronaldo" one of the Cr.7 fans were seen saying that in a social media. But instead of Ronaldo's three spectacular goals, his reaction of stroking his chin has gone viral and now no one can stop talking about it. Cristiano Ronaldo's goals again Spain along with his reaction after sending the ball home has gone viral once again.

Never ending action was delivered by Spain and Portugal with a 3-3 draw. The Real Madrid superstar gave an early shock to Spanish fans by netting a penalty, adding a second one with a speculative long-range drive which David de Gea couldn't protect.

Later Diego Costa delivered an equalizer, adding a lead from Nacho which pointed the game towards Spanish side but a well-mathematized free-kick from Ronaldo rescued Portugal a 3-3 draw right before the final whistle which not only got all Portugees, people excited but kind of went viral on social media. 

People couldn't talk much about the goal he netted as they were busy trying to figure out what his chin move meant?

Many fans have given a different interpretation to his chin move, but to us, it looked like the player was trying to give a message of him being a GOAT. 

Let's take a look at some of the fan's reaction on the GOAT players chin move:

Or was it to the Spanish goalkeeper De Gea who has a healthy amount of facial hair. Or was it the old Spanish Goat T mockery? We don't want to decide this. So, let's let the fans do the honors again.

There are numerous theories out their, but we could only cover so many. Hence, all we can say is "That's so Chinious Mr. Ronaldo".