Seve Ballesteros

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Seve Ballesteros
Personal Info
  • Famous Name
  • Birth Name Severiano Ballesteros Sota
  • Birth Place Pedrena, Cantabria, Spain
  • Famous Name Seve Ballesteros
  • Birth Date 9 April 1957
  • Horoscope Aries
  • Father Baldomero Ballesteros Presmanes
  • Mother Carmen Sota Ocejo
  • Height 6 ft 0 in
  • No. of Siblings 3
  • Nationality Spanish
  • Divorce Carmen Botin O'Shea
  • Children Javier Ballesteros, Miguel Ballesteros, and Daughter Carmen Ballesteros.   

Former World No. 1 golfer, Severiano Ballesteros Sota was a Spanish professional golfer and was one of the leading figures from the mid-1970s to the mid-1990s. He has won 90 International Tournaments, including five major championships between 1979 and 1988. He won the Open Championship three times and the Masters Tournament twice. He turned professional in March 1974 at the age of 16. He played a leading role in the re-emergence of European golf, helping the European Ryder Cup team to five wins both as a player and captain. He is generally regarded as the greatest Continental European golfer of all time.  

A gifted member of the golfing family, Seve was born on 9 April 1957 under the star sign Aries. He was born in the village of Pedrena, Cantabria, Spain alongside four other siblings. Unfortunately, one of his brothers died in childhood due to unknown reasons. He was born to parents Baldomero Ballesteros Presmanes and Carmen Sota Ocejo. His brothers are Baldomero Ballesteros, Vincente Ballesteros, and Manuel Ballesteros. The youngest brother among all, his brothers are also golfers.

Seve Ballesteros Net Worth and Career Earnings of his life

The professional golfer had a net worth of $4 million during the time of his death. He gained fame in the golfing world in 1976. He was a prominent feature in the golfing industry. He accumulated all of his net worth through his golfing career.

The 1999 World Golf Hall of Famer, Seve had 50 European Tour wins (all-time leader) and 87 tournament victories. He was also the first European Tour player to reach £1 million pounds, £2 million, and £3 million in career earnings.

European Ryder Cup tribute to Seve BallesterosEuropean Ryder Cup tribute to Seve Ballesteros
SOURCE: Los Angeles Times

At eight years of age, he learned golf while playing at the beach near his home, mainly using a three-iron given to him by his older brother Manuel. He used to skip school to play golf at the beach. He was a dedicated professional who had a contribution to the game of golf. He even contributed to the European league.

The 6 feet tall might have received sponsorships and brand deals. He had contracts with Hugo Boss and Callaway. Besides, he owned a house in Spain where he lived alone until his death in 2011.

Philanthropic Work

After his treatment for brain surgery, Seve announced the launch of the "Seve Ballesteros Foundation." This foundation was set up to help those with cancer and aims to research cancer especially brain tumors. The foundation will also help those golfers who are financially challenged to help them reach their dreams.  

Survived by his former wife and three Children

Seve was married to Carmen Botin O'Shea in 1988. She is the daughter of Emilio Botin, Executive Chairman of Spanish's Grupo Santander. The couple first met each other in 1983

They had three children named Javier Ballesteros, Miguel Ballesteros, and Daughter Carmen Ballesteros from their marriage. Their first child Javier was born in 1991 and they had their next son in 1993. Their only daughter Carmen was born in 1995.

Seve Ballesteros and Carmen Botin O'Shea Seve Ballesteros and Carmen Botin O'Shea

After 16 years of Married life, the couple split in 2004. The couple started having trouble when Seve couldn't accept the fact that his career was about to be over. They ended their relationship on 2004 in the municipality of Marina de Cudeyo in Cantabria. After their separation, his wife Carmen moved to Madrid with their children but the children often used to visit their father.

Earlier while he was still a golfer enjoying his success, he had a relationship with several women. He was also linked with Liz Hoad, a former professional golfer. Seve started dating Hoad when she was just 17 after he met her at the golf course where her father had sent her for lessons. The couple secretly dated for several years.

Seve also dated Fatima Galarza, who was much younger, after his divorce from Carmen. The couple was in a relationship until Fatima died in a car crash in 2007.


There is even a movie based on his life. Seve: The Movie is the biographical documentary and drama which tells the story of the championship Spanish golfer to form his childhood days to achieving success in the golf industry.      

The Movie entails Seve Ballesteros who fought against adversity to become the most spectacular and charismatic golfer to ever play the game. 

Cause of Death 

Seve died of brain cancer on 7 May 2011 at the age of 54. He was admitted to the hospital after losing consciousness and was admitted to the hospital. six-day after being admitted to the hospital, he was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. 

Seve Ballesteros at the golf courseSeve Ballesteros at the golf course
SOURCE: Los Angeles Times

He received multiple surgeries to remove the tumor. On 24 October, it was confirmed that the tumor had been removed and Seve was starting his rehabilitation in the intensive care unit. He moved out of the intensive care unit and changed wards at Madrid's La Paz hospital to continue his rehabilitation. He then went to northern Spain to receive chemotherapy.     

“I am very motivated and working hard although I am aware that my recovery will be slow and therefore I need to be patient and have a lot of determination. For these reasons, I am following strictly all the instructions that the doctors are giving me. Besides, the physiotherapists are doing a great job on me and I feel better every day.”

After completing his chemotherapy, he made his first public appearance on June and thanked everyone who had been involved in his care and welfare. 

Ballesteros's family released a statement regarding his neurological condition that has suffered severe deterioration. He died within hours os the announcement on 7 May 2011. His older brother Baldomero confirmed the exact time of death at 2:10 am CEST.     

Career Achievements and Awards

  • World Golf Hall of Fame 1989
  • European Tour Order of Merit winner (1976, 1977, 1978, 1986, 1988, and 1991)
  • European Tour Player of the year (1986, 1988, 1991)

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