Sami Valimaki

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Facts of Sami Valimaki

Full Name
Sami Valimaki
Married to
Emilia Gustafsson


Career & Net worth

Net Worth
$500 thousand
Finnish professional golfer


Married to
Emilia Gustafsson

Sami Valimaki, born on July 16, 1998, is a Finnish professional golfer who has emerged as a prominent figure in the golfing arena. He has a string of accomplishments including a notable victory at the 2020 Oman Open and multiple professional wins.

Valimaki has left an indelible mark on both the PGA Tour and the European Tour. His remarkable journey includes being the inaugural Finnish recipient of the Sir Henry Cotton Rookie of the Year Award and achieving an impressive world ranking of 68.

What Is Sami Valimaki's Net Worth?

Sami Valimaki, the accomplished Finnish golfer, boasts a net worth of $500 thousand, primarily fueled by his thriving career in professional golf. His financial portfolio comprises total career earnings of $73,400, garnered from both official and unofficial tournaments.

SamiSami Valimaki's net worth is $500 thousand. SOURCE: Golf Digest Middle East

Sami's net worth is also derived along with earnings from the player index program. In 2023 alone, he earned a commendable $56,033, with his standout financial year occurring in 2021-22 when he accumulated $73,400. 

These figures underscore Sami's early success and underscore the promising potential within the competitive realm of professional golf. His net worth is a testament to both his skill on the golf course and his increasing stature in the lucrative world of professional sports.

Early Life Details: Age and Family Members

Sami Valimaki, born on July 16, 1998, in Nokia, Finland, credits his early success in professional golf to a well-rounded background. Excelling in amateur golf, he represented Finland at prestigious events like the European Amateur Team Championship.

Sami also secured a top-ten ranking in the 2018 World Amateur Golf Rankings. After completing his compulsory military service in 2018, he smoothly transitioned to professional golf, leveraging the strong foundation laid during his amateur career.

While information about Sami's parents is limited, it's evident they played a pivotal role in introducing him to golf and nurturing his talent. With two unnamed brothers, his family support has been integral to his journey, reflecting a passion for the sport instilled from a young age.

Career As a Finnish golfer

Sami Valimaki, the accomplished Finnish golfer, seamlessly transitioned from amateur excellence to professional acclaim, leaving an indelible mark on the sport. He was ranked in the top ten of the 2018 World Amateur Golf Rankings.

Sami represented Finland in prestigious tournaments such as the European Amateur Team Championship and the Eisenhower Trophy. After completing his military service, his professional journey commenced triumphantly, securing his European Tour card through Q-School in 2019.

The pinnacle of Sami's early career came with a resounding victory at the 2020 Oman Open, marking a historic moment as the fourth Finn to conquer the European Tour. Subsequent triumphs further solidified his status as a rising star in golf.

While  Sami's career earnings stand at $73,400, his net worth reflects both his early financial success and the promising trajectory ahead in the competitive world of professional golf. His narrative underscores not just skill and determination but also a promising future in the realm of elite golf.

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How Tall Is Sami Valimaki? 

Sami Valimaki, the Finnish professional golfer, boasts a robust physique, standing at an impressive height of 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm) and weighing 233 pounds (106 kg). This well-built frame not only adds to his commanding presence but also plays a pivotal role in enhancing his performance on the golf course.

Valimaki's physical measurements underscore the strength and balance essential for success in his golfing career. They reflect his unwavering commitment to maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle, contributing to his prowess and accomplishments as a professional golfer.

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Who Is Sami Valimaki's Wife?

Sami Valimaki finds joy in his marital bliss with his wife, Emilia Gustafsson. The married couple shares a robust and supportive bond, frequently gracing golf tournaments and events together.

SamiSami Valimaki and his wife, Emilia Gustafsson. SOURCE: Instagram

Emilia, a skilled graphic designer with a degree from the Helsinki Design School, expresses her creativity through her work. The lovely couple had their engagement in December 2021.

Emilia and Sami embarked on the journey of matrimony in December 2023, commencing their life as a married duo. As of now, they are relishing their time together without the additional responsibilities of parenthood, savoring the moments as a happily married couple.


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