English Professional Golfer Justin Rose is Married to Kate Phillips Since 2006; Has Two Children

by Roy Fri Aug,2018
English Professional Golfer Justin Rose is Married to Kate Phillips Since 2006; Has Two Children

Mostly involved with the PGA Tour, Justin Rose is an English born Professional golfer. He is one of the few professional golfers who has claimed the top position in the field. He claimed the world number 2 position in 2018 after the Open Championship.


A man's success is greatly determined by the partner he chooses to support him through his hard days and keep his passion to keep burning bright. Justin chose Kate Phillips as his partner and the two have been together for a long while. His wife is next to him in every step of the way has to have been a great help for him to attain the huge success that he has at the moment.

Justin Rose's Married Life With Wife Kate Phillips

Justin is married to Kate Phillips who is a former international gymnast. The pair started seeing each other in 2000 and Kate has been a major part of Justin's life since then. She has been there in when Justin could not make much impact on his career and also been there with him on his successful times as well.


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Justin has found a truly supportive partner in Kate. She visits most of Justin's major tournaments and is there regularly celebrating his victories. He exchanged his wedding vows with Kate in December of 2006, making Kate his wife officially.

It has been more than a decade into their marriage and the couple is still together. There has been much heartbreaking news about athletes and celebrities having a bad marriage but Justin's marriage does not show any signs of ending up in that list. In the long years of their marriage, there have never been any rumors about any affairs or him having issues in his marriage. He is happily married and we hope that it keeps going that way in the future as well.

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Justin Rose's Children

Justin does not just have the love of his wife but also has the love of two children who call him father. Yes, the golfer has two children; a son and a daughter which is just the right amount of children that most would hope to have.

His first child is a boy who the couple named Leo Rose. Leo was born in February of 2009, three years after their marriage and is currently 9 years old as of 2018. His second child is his daughter Lottie Rose. She was born in January of 2012 and is currently 6-years old.

He loves his children just as much as his wife or maybe even more than his wife. He often posts pictures of his family on his Instagram page to keep his fans up to date about his family and share fun memories of his family.

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