Paul Pogba: Juventus Star & French Midfielder Gets Four-Year Ban for Doping

Fri Mar,2024
Paul Pogba: Juventus Star & French Midfielder Gets Four-Year Ban for Doping Soccer

One of the most famous and skilled football players of his age, Paul Pogba, has been banned from the sport for four years after testing positive for a drug that isn't allowed. The Italian national anti-doping tribunal found the star player from Juventus and France guilty of breaking the rules against doping. He has won many awards and medals during his career.

Pogba says he did nothing wrong and plans to fight the decision, which could end his career and make his name less honorable. The decision, the response, the explanation, and the effects of Pogba's ban will all be talked about in this piece.

Juventus and France Star Pogba Banned for Four Years Over Testosterone Violation 

Paul Pogba, a 30-year-old player for Juventus and the French national team, has been banned from football for four years because he tested positive for high testosterone levels in August 2023, which is against the rules.

Paul-PogbaPaul Pogba is a French professional footballer who is currently playing for Juventus. 

This decision was publicly confirmed by the Italian National Anti-Doping Tribunal (Nado) on Thursday. It came after a thorough investigation and a hearing in December of that year. 

Even though he was found guilty, Pogba, whose impressive career includes winning the 2018 World Cup with France and four Serie A titles with Juventus, strongly denies any crime and has said he will appeal the decision to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

Pogba’s Ban: How the Football World Reacted to the Shocking News?

People in the football community were shocked when they heard that Pogba was banned. He is considered one of the best players and most influential people in the sport.

Both of his old teams, Manchester United and Juventus, have said they are disappointed with the decision and will always back the player. His current and past teammates have also stood by him, showing that they are all in it together for him even though things are hard. 

Despite all the support, there have been voices of criticism that have called Pogba's honesty and professionalism into question and said that his actions may have ruined his future and reputation in the game. 

Even with these problems, the French Football Federation (FFF) has said it will accept the decisions made by both Nado and CAS. At the same time, it has said it stands with Pogba during this tough time.

The Case Against Pogba

The lawyers for Pogba have vehemently denied that he is guilty, saying that he had no idea he was taking any illegal drug. They say that the positive test result was caused by tainted food products that a friend who is a doctor in Miami gave him.

Paul-PogbaPaul Pogba has been banned from the sport for four years. Image Source: Pinterest 

They also say that the amount of testosterone found in his body was within the normal range and did not improve his performance or show that he was trying to cheat. 

Nado has already thrown out these reasons, saying that Pogba did not provide enough proof of his innocence. They also say that he broke the concept of strict liability, which says that athletes are responsible for the drugs they take.

How Pogba's Ban Could Ruin His Career & Legacy?

If Pogba's ban is confirmed by CAS, it could be the end of his long and successful career, since he will be 34 years old when he can play again in August 2027.

Because of this punishment, he would not be able to play in big tournaments like the 2024 European Championship or the 2026 World Cup. He would also have to miss several seasons of club football, which would cost him a lot of money in wages and endorsements. 

His deal with Juventus runs until 2028, but the club has the power to end it early if he is found guilty of doping. In addition to the effects on Pogba personally, his ban could hurt the image and name of both Juventus and French football. It could also hurt the fight against doping in sports.

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