Janet Condra

by Sujan 10 May,2023
Janet Condra
Personal Info
  • Father Unknown
  • Relationship Status divorced
  • Weekly wage
  • First Name Janet
  • Last Name Condra
  • Mother Unknown
  • Net Worth $500,000
  • Birth Name Janet Condra
  • Birth Country United States
  • Married to
  • Past married if any Larry Bird
  • Children Corrie Bird
  • Divorce Larry Bird
  • Horoscope Sagittarius
  • Nationality American
  • Ethnicity
  • Religion Christians
  • Profession Internet Personality
  • Famous for Larry Bird Wife
  • School attended Springs Valley High School

Janet Condra gained fame as the former spouse of the renowned American basketball player Larry Bird. Although they had known each other for a considerable amount of time, they were only married for a brief period. After their divorce, Condra's popularity skyrocketed, and she became well-known as a celebrity ex-wife.

Larry Bird's ex-wife, Janet Condra, became a prominent figure after their divorce. Despite their long-standing relationship, the couple's marriage was short-lived. Following their separation, Condra gained widespread recognition and became a household name as a result of her association with the basketball legend.

Early Life and Education of Janet Condra, Ex-Wife of Larry Bird

Janet Condra's birth year is estimated to be in the mid-1960s, but her exact birth date remains unknown. She was born and raised in the United States and comes from a Caucasian family with Christian beliefs. Despite being in the public eye due to her previous marriage to Larry Bird, Janet has kept her personal life quite private, and details about her family members, including her parents, have not been made public.

JanetJanet alongside Larry Bird  SOURCE: Pinterest

After completing her primary education, Janet attended Springs Valley High School in her hometown. However, she has not shared any further information about her education or academic background with the media. 

While it's not clear what path she pursued after finishing high school, it's possible that she went on to attend college or pursue a career. Given that she has kept a low profile in recent years, it's also possible that she has chosen to focus on her personal life rather than her professional or educational pursuits.

Larry Bird's Estimated Net Worth and Sources of Income

While there is little information available about Janet Condra's career and income, her ex-husband Larry Bird has had a highly successful career in basketball. Bird's estimated net worth is around $75 million. Over the course of his career, he played for the Boston Celtics and won numerous awards, including three NBA championships and two NBA Finals MVP awards.

Bird's wealth comes not just from his success on the basketball court but also from his business ventures. After retiring from basketball, he went on to coach the Indiana Pacers and later became the team's president of basketball operations. 

In addition, he has worked as a commentator for ESPN and has endorsed various products, including Converse sneakers. Bird has also invested in several business ventures, including a hotel and restaurant in his hometown of French Lick, Indiana. Overall, Bird's career and business ventures have enabled him to accumulate a significant amount of wealth over the years. 

Janet Condra and Larry Bird's Marriage, Separation, and Life After Divorce

Janet Condra is best known as the first wife of former basketball player and coach Larry Bird. The couple had known each other since their school days at Springs Valley High School, and they got married on November 8, 1975. They welcomed their daughter Corrie Bird in 1977.

Unfortunately, their marriage was short-lived, and they separated the same year due to personal disputes. Janet took on the role of a single mother and raised their daughter, while Larry went on to marry his second wife, Nancy Jurgevich Mattingly, on September 30, 1989.

With his second wife, Larry adopted two children named Mariah Bird and Connor Bird. Despite the end of their marriage, Larry remained an active and involved father to Corrie, and the two of them maintained a close relationship over the years.

While Janet has largely stayed out of the public eye since her divorce from Larry, their daughter Corrie has followed in her father's footsteps and has pursued a career in basketball.

Larry Bird's Professional Basketball Career and Success as a Coach and Executive

Larry Bird's impressive basketball skills secured him an athletic scholarship to Indiana University, where he played under renowned coach Bob Knight. Despite being drafted by the Boston Celtics as the sixth overall pick in the NBA draft, Bird decided to return to Indiana State for another year.

Larry Featuring Larry Bird  SOURCE: Pinterest

He led his team to the NCAA Championship Finals, where they faced off against the Michigan State Spartans, led by another future NBA star, Ervin Johnson. Following this accomplishment, Bird left Indiana State with multiple awards, including the USBWA College Player of the Year, the Naismith Award, and the Wooden Award.

Bird began his new career as a front-office special assistant for the Boston Celtics, where he held a position for five years. In 1997, he returned to his home state of Indiana to take on his first head coach position with the Indiana Pacers, despite having no prior coaching experience. Nonetheless, he led the Pacers to a 58-24 record, the franchise's best at the time, during the 1997-98 season. These impressive results earned him the NBA Coach of the Year title.

After leading the Pacers to the NBA Finals in 2000, Bird stepped down from the head coach position. However, in 2003, he returned to the Pacers, this time as the president of basketball operations.

He held this position until the end of the 2011-12 season, during which he won the NBA Executive of the Year award. Throughout his career, Bird has made a significant impact on the world of basketball and remains one of the most respected figures in the sport.

Janet's Social Media Presence

In terms of social media presence, Janet Condra is not very active on any social media platforms. She has not created an account on popular social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Therefore, there is limited information about her personal life and current activities available online.

It is unclear why Janet has chosen not to have a social media presence. Some individuals prefer to maintain a more private life and may not feel comfortable sharing personal information and updates on public platforms. Others may simply not have an interest in using social media. Regardless of the reason, it appears that Janet has chosen to keep a low profile on social media.

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