Herve Renard Trying to make Ronaldo less exceptional in Morocco Vs Portugal's Game

by James Wed Jun,2018
Herve Renard Trying to make Ronaldo less exceptional in Morocco Vs Portugal's Game

Day before yesterday Morocco's coach Herve Renard gave his view on Europian Champions and its cheeky striker Ronaldo before they share the field at the Luzhniki Stadium. The genius playmaker Ronaldo had a grand opening against Spain with him scoring a hat-trick in a 3-3 draw match with Spain, whereas Morocco lost 1-0 to Iran. 


French Born Morocco's coach believes that he can't make Cristiano Ronaldo not look exceptional, but can make him look less exceptional.

The coach for Morocco in his praising words to CR7 said:

“Even if you conjure up the best plans to halt Ronaldo, he will find a way to break free. He always makes the difference, at the minimum to put his side on the right track and at best to win the game for them,” 

He after praising Ronaldo further said, that he will try his best to make the 33 years old Portuguese striker look less phenomenal with the following statement:

He is absolutely outstanding, exceptional and we might not be good enough to keep him out. But we have to do our utmost to make him less exceptional tomorrow.

Another Portuguese Defender for Besiktas Pepe outed a statement saying that, that it was a “privilege” for the country to have a player like Ronaldo after his performance against Former world champion Spain.

Here is what Pepe said, in his own words:

“The most important thing for our team is for Cristiano Ronaldo to be well, 

He further added: “He’s very happy to be here with us and every match it’s a privilege for us Portuguese to have a player such as him.”

The Portuguese Coach Fernando Santos also said that his players will do great against Morocco as he is super faithful after their display of eliteness against Spain as:

“They have very experienced players who have mostly been playing in Europe. The team is very well-organised and know their game very well. They have always played to the best of their abilities with full intensity."

Santos further said that the whole team's effort is needed to get a win. Ronaldo despite being the fascinating player, isn't enough for the long and stiff world cup road.

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