First Loss for Germany, But History says they will Win the Worldcup, Know Why?

June 17, 2018
First published on:June 17, 2018
by James

Worldcup is filled with prejudices, the very first one is "You get kicked out of group stage after winning a world cup" until someone proves it wrong, this prejudice is going to live. But this second one, in particular, may excite German fans. The Next one says "If you are Europian and you lose or draw the opening match, you are at least going to the finals".


Anyone of this two prejudice if is true, then there is still 50-50 chances that Germany either gets out from the chart before seeing the super sixteen or they might hit the sweet spot and kiss the world cup and keep it in their nation for 8 long years.

 So, let's look at the first prediction, On a sad note, this has come true for France in 2002, 2006's winner Italy in 2010, and 2010's WC winner Spain in 2014. So, if the history is repeating itself then Germany doesn't stand a chance to it's predestined fate. 

Now time to cheer up German fans, on the other hand, there is another continuous phenomenon repeating itself in the same pattern, that is, the Europian team that has lost the first match have least secured a place in finals. Don't believe us, see the stats, Franc and Italy drew in 2006, Spain lost the opening match in 2010 but there came a record breaker Germany. 

So, hopefully, if German fans believe in these things, then they don't have to worry about getting into top two spots for the trophy.