Who is Wayne Gretzky Married To? Know About His Married Life Wife and Daughter

Sat Jan,2023
Who is Wayne Gretzky Married To? Know About His Married Life Wife and Daughter Ice Hockey

Wayne Gretzky owns everything a man can want; a successful career, a loving spouse, and kids. And who was Wayne married to? Gretzky tied the knot with the beautiful American actress Janet Jones. The duo first met when Wayne appeared as the Guest Judge in the 80's TV show Dance Fever. But, the initial meeting didn't spark romance between the two. 

For decades Wayne and Janet led a happy married life. Not once did the couple ever surround themselves with controversy about their wedlock. In their marriage, the NHL player and his wife welcomed many kids. But unlike their parents,  Gretzky's children stay away from the spotlight. 

Wayne Gretzky and his wife, Janet Jones, married after a year of dating.

Wayne Gretzky met his wife, Janet Jones, years before they started dating. Jones and her husband-to-be started dating in 1987. After a year of dating, the hockey legend and the actress married on July 16, 1988.

WayneWayne Gretzky married the love of his life after dating her for a year. SOURCE: Instagram@trevorgretzky

During his heyday, Wayne left no expenses on his wedding. Gretzky and his love exchanged their vows at St. Joseph's Basilica. Their wedding was one many fans remember even today.

The pair celebrated their wedding with a lavish ceremony. Likewise, Wayne had asked the fire department to be ceremonial guards. The former ice hockey player spent over 1 million US dollars on his ceremony.

The couple lasted decades of marriage through understanding each other. When married, Janet told her husband she didn't want to get pregnant for the next eight years.

Wayne Gretzky and his spouse, Janet Jones, welcomed five children!

Janet Jones told her husband, Wayne Gretzky, they needed to wait eight years before welcoming kids. After those years, Wayne and Janet welcomed five kids. However, most of their children remain out of the spotlight.

WayneWayne Gretzky and his wife, Janet Jones, share one big happy family. SOURCE: Instagram@janetgretzky

The Hollywood actress and her husband first welcomed Paulina Gretzky. Similarly, Wayne and his partner, Janet, gave birth to another daughter. The hockey legend and his wife named their youngest child Emma Gretzky.

Wayne and Janet welcomed other babies besides their daughters. The power couple gave birth to three boys in their married life. Likewise, Gretzky named his boys Ty, Trevor, and Tristan Gretzky.

Wayne and Janet remain madly in love decades after their wedding!

Many marriages in pop culture end up in divorce. But Wayne Gretzky and Janet Jones Gretzky remain under their sacred vows. The duo remained free of cheating scandals in their decades of married life.

WayneWayne Gretzky took a family picture during the holidays. SOURCE: Instagram@waynegretzky

Years later, Janet and Wayne remain very much in love. The NHL legend and his wife created one big happy family. Jones and her husband have become grandparents and extended their family tree further. 

Janet and Paulina have a thing for sportspersons!

Before Janet Jones started dating Wayne Gretzky, she was in a relationship with Vitas Gerulaitis. Jones and Vitas shared a serious relationship. Fun fact, the actress was engaged to Gerulaitis.

After dating, Janet and Vitas almost walked down the aisle. The pro tennis player proposed to Jones in 1985. Of course, she said yes, but after two years, the duo broke up and called off the wedding in early 1987.

JanetJanet Jones and her daughter Paulina Gretzky are both married to athletes. SOURCE: Instagram@paulinagretzky

Like Janet, her daughter, Paulina Gretzky, also fell for a sportsperson. On April 23, 2022, Paulina married the American golfer Dustin Johnson.

Dustin and his wife give birth to their kids years before marriage. The duo first gave birth to Tatum Gretzky Johnson. Two years later, Paulina gave birth to his little brother River Jones Johnson.

Ty, Trevor, and Tristan Gretzky all involved themself in some sport!

As an NHL legend, Wayne Gretzky casts a huge shadow over his kids. All of Wayne's children wanted to step out of his tailcoat. Ty, Trevor, and Tristan all played either hockey like him or some other sport like baseball.

TheThe picture of Wayne's sons. SOURCE: Instagram@janetgretzky

Trevor played baseball under the MLB team Chicago Cubs in the past. Likewise, he was later traded to the LA Angels of Anaheim. While Ty played hockey during high school, he later stopped playing the sport in his college days. 

Tristen is the second youngest child of Wayne and Janet Jones. He lives comfortably with his parents' fortune. Although Tristen plays hockey with his family, he doesn't intend it to be his profession.

Ty and Wayne Opened a Hockey School!

The father-son duo Wayne and Ty Gretzky founded Gretzky Hockey School in 2014. What's more, the hockey school is in many different locations. Likewise, the Gretzky school charges around $500 per student.