What Is A. W. Hamilton’s Annual Salary? Know About His Earnings, Contract and Also His Wife and Married Life

Thu Jan,2023
What Is A. W. Hamilton’s Annual Salary? Know About His Earnings, Contract and Also His Wife and Married Life Basketball

An athlete deeply in love with sports spends his whole life in the same field. It is challenging to leave sports for those who pursue a professional career as an athlete. In the same way, A.W. Halimton is the one who began his career as a basketball player, and after retiring, he hasn't taken out a basketball from his life. The Eastern Kentucky University head coach played with a few teams during his professional playing career. 

Hamilton's income rose when he retired and began working as a coach. He is currently at Eastern Kentucky University and has a million dollars deal. Tommy Amaker is another head coach who earns a huge chunk. After coming to his current team, Hamilton's wealth has skyrocketed. So, he lives a lavish life with his wife and their kids. Keep reading to learn everything about his earnings and married life.

A.W. Hamilton's Annual Salary Is Gradually Rising

Hamilton is the head coach of the Easter Kentucky University men's basketball team. So, we've got a record of a head coach earning millions from his position. So, Hamilton has been working as a coach for quite a long time. Exploring his career graphs, it can be said that his annual salary is pretty impressive.

A.A. W. Hamilton serves as a head coach at EKU.  SOURCE: Twitter @EKUSports

It is reported that the average salary of a basketball head coach ranges from $100,000 to $500,000. Halimton has been working for a long time, so his annual salary may be in the same range. Before coming to Eastern Kentucky University, Hamilton was associated with Marshall University and North Carolina State University.

Hamilton Bagged Thousands From Past Deals – Career Earnings

Before serving at his current team, Hamilton was also associated with Marshall University and North Carolina State University. Since 2018, he has been with Eastern Kentucky University. In 2020, Hamilton and Kencukty extended their contract for two years worth $400,000.

A.A. W. Hamilton delivering a remarkable Commencement Speech for the Class of 2022. SOURCE: Twitter @HargraveTigers

Likewise, Hamilton receives some cash as an incentive. He may earn up to $127,000 as a bonus. For the 2017-18 season, Halimton worked as an assistant coach. He may have earned $60,051, the average salary of a person working as an assistant coach. Meanwhile, the range may also fall between $48,680 and $83,167.

A.W. Hamilton's Playing Career

Well, Hamilton also has an impressive career as a basketball player. He played prominently at Scott County. Following that, he played a postgraduate year at Hargrave Military Academy. After that, Hamilton signed a full basketball scholarship with Wake Forest. 

For the 2002-03 season, Hamilton was transferred to Marshall. As Hamilton didn't play in NBA, he didn't get a chance to take home cash in millions. 

Kentucky Is Married to His Wife, Chelsea, and They Have Two Kids

With an impressive career, Hamilton has also maintained a good love life. He has married the lady of his dream, and she goes by the name of Chelsea. By profession, Chelsea is EKU's head all-girl cheerleading coach. After eight months of Hamilton being named EKU's head coach, his wife was also named the team's head all-girl cheerleading coach.

A. A. W. Hamilton and his wife, Chelsea, with their kids at an event. SOURCE: Twitter @chels__hamilton

Hamilton and Chelsea have been sharing the relationship of a husband and a wife for a long time. The pair met in Louisville at a St. Charles Place restaurant. During that time, Hamilton was coaching at Hargrave Military Academy. After going on a first date, Hamilton fell for Chelsea, and they instantly hit it off. They were in a long-distance relationship. So, to take their relationship to the next level, Chelsea moved to Virginia.

So, the moment finally came in November 2014 A.W. and Chelsea tied the knot intimately. Since then, they have been supporting each other. A.W. has also helped in his wife's professional life. Being married for nearly a decade, the married couple has started their own family. They are blessed with two children named Charlie and Andi.

A.W. Hamilton's Wife, Chelsea, Is a Cheerleading Coach

As said earlier, Chelsea is serving as a head all-girl cheerleading coach at EKU. When Hamilton was named the head coach of the EKU team, there was a sudden need for a head cheerleading coach. Knowing Chelsea's background in cheerleading and coaching, she was asked to fill the position. 

Chelsea agreed to help until they could find someone to fill the position. But she didn't accept the offer due to her busy schedule taking care of her two daughters. However, she started as a volunteer fill-in job, which later became a career. 

Chelsea Chelsea Hamilton in a basketball game with her team.  SOURCE: Instagram @chelseamauck

Furthermore, Chelsea was a cheerleader for the entirety of her life until college. So, the Edgewood, Kentucky native, Chelsea, started her career cheering for All-Star Cheerleading, then transitioning to both travel and high school cheerleading. Her high school career then led her to cheer at Morehead State University, where she received cheerleading freshman of the year. In 2007, Chelsea and her team won the UCA College National Championship.

Despite graduating with a degree in mathematics education, Chelsea said that she knew after college that she wanted to start a career in coaching. Due to her passion, she ended up leading her to a coaching position at Kentucky Elite in Lexington. Likewise, celebrity wife Cindy Gruden has experience working as a cheerleader.