Theodora Holmes

PSR 14 Mar,2023

Facts of Theodora Holmes

Full Name
Theodora Holmes
Last Name
Birth Name
Theodora Holmes
First Name
Married to
Troy Polamalu
Currently Married
Troy Polamalu
Relationship Status
Michale Holmes
Katina Holmes
Paisios Polamalu and Ephraim Polamalu.
Alex Holmes and Khaled Holmes
No. of Siblings
Father Nationality
Mother Nationality


Career & Net worth

Net Worth
Famous for
wife of NFL player Troy Polamalu.


Married to
Troy Polamalu
Currently Married
Troy Polamalu
Relationship Status

Theodora Holmes is the wife of the famous former National Football League player (NFL), Troy Polamalu. Holmes is a homemaker and lives her life caring for her family. The compassionate girl is a mother of two and seems like she adores her children.

Theodora Holmes was born on March 8, 1983, in Sandiego, California. Holmes wasn't the only child, her father Michael Holmes, and mother, Katina Holmes had three other children besides her, Alex and Khaled Holmes. Theodora's father also played collegiate Football and is richly connected to an athletic background.

Troy Polamalu Wife, Theodora Holmes: Did She Divorced Polamalu?

Theodora is of Greek descent and is Greek-American cause she was born in the United States. Theodora Holmes's brothers Alex and Khaled Holmes were collegiate football players and were up against, Polamalu in USC.

TheodoraTheodora Holmes with her husband Polamalu.  SOURCE: Instagram: @tpolamalu

When Theodora went to cheer out for her brothers, Polamalu asked her brother Alex for permission to date her. Holmes agreed and from being complete strangers they came out as a couple. Troy Polamalu and Theodora Holmes exchanged their wedding on January 27, 2007, in an intimate ambiance.

Theodora Holmes Net Worth: Also Know About Troy Polamalu Net Worth

Theodora sacrificed her career, her interest, and her soul's pursuit in order to care for her children. The estimated net worth of Theodora Holmes is around $100,000. Even though Holmes is educated she didn't pursue her career but is financially secure.

Theodora Theodora Holmes married Polamalu on January 27, 2007 SOURCE: Youtube

Theodora Holmes shares the net worth with her husband, Troy Polamalu, and the couple's estimated net worth is $40 million, Polamalu amassed this huge amount of net worth playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Theodora Holmes Husband: Troy Polamalu's Hair

Holmes's husband Troy Polamalu played for the Pittsburgh Steelers as a strong safety and was drafted in the 2003 NFL draft. Polamalu is of Samoan descent, his bloodline is from an island named Samoa situated in the Oceania continent.

TheodoraTheodora Holmes's husband has luscious curly hair  SOURCE: Instagram: @tpolamalu

Troy has long twirly/curly hair, his hair is of a unique type and accurately resembles a character named 'Maui' from 'Moana', an animated feature film created by Disney. Troy's hair brims with tropical energy as his bloodline is from a tropical island and seems the majestic cause of the hair's strength and lusciousness.

Theodora has also got great hair and she is also of Greek descent. Greek descendants are known for having great curly hair and long nose as curly hair and long nose was the symbolism of intellect in ancient Greek civilization. Theodora Holmes also has thick, luscious, and lackluster curly hair.

Theodora Holmes Husband: Troy Polamalu's Age & Nationality

The former player is living a retired life with his wife Theodora Holmes, Polamalu retired at the age of 33. He spent his entire NFL career only playing for Pittsburgh Steelers under jersey number 43. Troy ended his 12 years long career with 770 tackles, 32 interceptions, and three touchdowns.

Troy Polamalu was born on April 19, 1981, in California and is 41 years old, but will turn 42 in April 2023. As for his wife, Theodora Holmes is currently 39 years old and will turn 40 in March 2023. The age difference between Theodora and Polamalu is exactly 2 years and 1 month.

Theodora Holmes: Are Troy Polamalu's Children Biologically Related? Know About Them

Theodora Holmes and Troy Polamalu are married for 6 years as of 2023 and seem like they are enjoying each other's company and bonding well as time passes. Polamalu fell in love with Theodora at first sight and she also couldn't deny his proposal.

The lovebirds share two children as of 2023, the eldest, Paisios Polamalu was born in 2008 and the youngest, Ephraim Polamalu was born in 2010. Paisos and Ephraim are genetically related to Polamalu and both of them seem to be interested in playing basketball.

Know The Body Details Of Theodora Holmes And Troy Polamalu

Theodora Holmes stands at 5 feet 8 inches and got dark eyes and brown hair. She has kept her body's measurements private and seems like maintains her body perfectly. As a celebrity's wife, Theodora lives a disciplined life and seems like she maintains her body.

On the other hand, Troy Polamalu has got a tank-like body as a strong safety that played for Pittsburgh Steelers. Polamalu stands at 5 feet 10 inches and weighed around 94 Kilos.

He has got squared shaped torso with a wide body and an overall great body that's perfectly fit for playing in a strong safety position. The couple is living an ecstatic life with their two children who are about age 14 and 12, but they both will turn 15 and 13 respectively in 2023.


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