Rose Dorothy Dauriac

Sujan 25 Apr,2023

Facts of Rose Dorothy Dauriac

Full Name
Rose Dorothy Dauriac
Last Name
Birth Name
Rose Dorothy Dauriac
First Name
Famous Name
Rose Dorothy Dauriac
Current City
New York City
Currently Married
Romain Dauriac
Scarlett Johansson
Cosmo Jost (Step)
No. of Siblings


Career & Net worth

Net Worth
$140 Milliion Mother's Net Worth
Famous for
Scarlett Johansson's daughter


Currently Married

Rose Dorothy Dauriac is the child of French journalist Romain Dauriac and Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson. She was born in New York City, New York, on August 30, 2014. Rose is of Swedish, Danish, Polish, and American ancestry.

Due to her famous parents, Rose has been exposed to the media, but her parents are working hard to keep information about her private life private. Rose, who is five years old and just beginning school, is regarded as kind and bright.

Who Is Scarlett Johansson?

Hollywood physical intimacy icon Scarlett Johansson ranks among the highest-paid actresses in the world and is the third-highest-grossing box office star of all time. She began her acting career in 1994 and was raised in Manhattan, New York City.

ScarlettScarlett Johansson during her magazine photoshoot SOURCE: Pinterest

Scarlett became well-known throughout the world for her acting in movies, particularly for the role of Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) series.

Net Worth Of Rose: The Family of Rose Owns Millions.

Rose Dorothy Dauriac is not old enough to support herself. She's a reliant young person. She clearly reaps the benefits of her parent's wealth, though.

Family Family of Rose Dorothy Dauriac SOURCE: Market Research Telecast

Her mother Scarlett Johansson has an estimated net worth of over $140 million, while her fathers is over $1.5 million. Her parents also make an effort to safeguard her and provide for a typical upbringing for her. She, however, has drawn media notice ever since she was born.

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Let's Know About The Relationship Status of Rose's Parents

Rose's parents first met through a common tattoo artist and started dating in 2012 after becoming friends. A year before Rose was born, they got betrothed, and they wed in 2014. Sadly, they got separated in 2017. The two continue to co-parent Rose despite their split. 

ScarlettScarlett Johansson & Romain Dauriac: Kiss Kiss! SOURCE: Pinterest

Throughout her work, Scarlett Johansson has been in a number of well-known relationships with both Josh Hartnett and Jack Antonoff. She began dating Ryan Reynolds in 2007, and the two got hitched the following year. But they were only married for three years before getting a divorce.

Johansson and Rose's father divorced, and she then started dating "Saturday Night Live" actor and comic Colin Jost. In 2019, the couple made their engagement public. 

Rose Dorothy Daurice: Rise to Fame

Since the moment she was born into her parents' womb, the tiny child has begun to draw attention. The media and Johansson's fans came to photograph her when she revealed the news of her pregnancy at the time. Even Scarlett's pregnancy bump on the red carpet was widely shared online.

Rose Rose with her mom Scarlett Johnson .  SOURCE: Twitter@

Famous parents who frequently publish pictures of their kids, like the Kardashians and Jenners, go to tremendous efforts to conceal their daughters. Rose, the now-famous child, completed her homeschooling until the age of six in 2020. Johansson mentioned in an interview that Rose enjoys doing girlie things and is a passionate Disney Princess lover.


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