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Lecitus Smith, hailing from Fitzgerald, Georgia, is an American football guard born on July 13, 1998. He pursued his college football career at Virginia Tech before being selected by the Arizona Cardinals in the sixth round of the 2022 NFL Draft. Following his release from the Cardinals in 2023, he currently remains unaffiliated as a free agent.

Net Worth & Contracts

Lecitus Smith, with a net worth of $500,000, has secured a lucrative two-year contract totaling $2,085,000 with the Philadelphia Eagles. This agreement translates to an average annual salary of $1,042,500, reflecting his value to the team. Looking ahead to the 2024 season, Smith is slated to receive a base salary of $915,000, indicating a consistent level of compensation.

Lecitus-Smith Lecitus-Smith has a net worth of $500,000Image Source: Instagram 

Furthermore, this salary aligns with his cap hit for the same period, showcasing a balanced financial arrangement. Overall, this contract underscores Smith's significance as a player and the Eagles' commitment to his contribution on the field.

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High School & College Career

Lecitus Smith boasts a remarkable journey in both high school and college football. Originating from Fitzgerald High School in Georgia, he honed his skills on the field during his formative years. Transitioning to Virginia Tech for college, Smith excelled as an offensive lineman, showcasing his talent and commitment to the sport. His trajectory from high school standout to collegiate athlete underscores his dedication and perseverance.

Lecitus-SmithLecitus-Smith graduated from Virginia TechImage Source: Instagram 

Throughout his football career, Smith's unwavering work ethic and determination have been evident, laying the foundation for his success. This journey not only highlights his athletic prowess but also reflects his character and drive.

Journey To Pro

In the 2022 NFL Draft, Lecitus Smith was chosen by the Arizona Cardinals as the 215th overall pick in the sixth round. Following his selection, he entered into a rookie contract with the Cardinals, joining other draft picks in their initial professional agreements.

This pivotal moment signified the commencement of Smith's journey into the realm of professional football, with aspirations to contribute as a guard for the team.

Injuries & Setbacks

Throughout his professional journey, Lecitus Smith has faced injury setbacks, yet his resilience remains unwavering. In 2022, an opportunity arose when Will Hernandez was sidelined with a pectoral muscle injury, prompting Smith to step up.

This instance underscored Smith's preparedness to fill in when adversity struck, highlighting his commitment to his team's success.

His return to the field post-injury underscores his unwavering dedication and resilience, both as an individual player and as a crucial asset to his team and the NFL as a whole.

Is Smith Dating Anyone?

Certainly! Lecitus Smith's romantic involvement with his partner, Heaven, is evident from their public presence. In a candid interview, both individuals generously shared the intricacies of their relationship, notably emphasizing the challenges encountered while managing a long-distance commitment.

This transparent discussion underscores Smith's profound commitment to Heaven, especially noteworthy as she is a fellow Virginia Tech alumna.

Lecitus-SmithLecitus-Smith with his girlfriendImage Source: Instagram 

Their shared alma mater serves as a significant connection point, reflecting common experiences and values shared during their time at Virginia Tech. Furthermore, their active presence on social media platforms like Instagram offers glimpses into their relationship, as they regularly post photos together.

Through these posts, they portray not just affection but also mutual support, showcasing a bond that extends beyond romantic gestures to encompass various facets of their lives. Overall, their relationship exemplifies dedication, resilience, and the power of partnership in navigating life's challenges.

Cardinals' Offensive Line Overhaul in 2022

The Cardinals underwent a substantial transformation in their starting offensive line during the 2022 season, primarily due to injuries.

As a rookie during that year, Smith seized the opportunity to play, benefiting from the injuries to other players. His subsequent release from the team might have been influenced by the necessity for roster cuts and adjustments in preparation for the upcoming season.

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Insights from His Exclusive Interview with All Cardinals

Lecitus Smith has been actively engaging in interviews, notably participating in an exclusive discussion with All Cardinals. In this interview, he delved into various aspects of his rookie season, the ongoing coaching search within the team, and his outlook for the upcoming year.

Furthermore, as the NFL Draft approached, Smith shared insights into his journey and development as a player, offering valuable reflections on his growth.

Through these interviews, Smith provided fans and analysts alike with unique perspectives on his career trajectory and aspirations in the realm of professional football, enriching the understanding of his role within the sport.

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