Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Fight Purse: How Much Money Will the Boxers Earn? Prediction, Odds, Time: Picks, Bets

Sun Feb,2023
Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Fight Purse: How Much Money Will the Boxers Earn? Prediction, Odds, Time: Picks, Bets Martial Arts

On Sunday afternoon, the most awaited fight between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury will take place in a cruiserweight boxing showdown. After several canceled bouts, callouts, and Twitter spats, Paul and Tommy will fight each other in the boxing ring for eight 3-minute rounds. The main event is expected to start around 5 p.m. ET on ESPN+ pay-per-view. 

The Diriyah Arena, Diriyah, Saudi Arabia, will be on fire as Tyson Fury said there are no losers in this fight in terms of payout as both of them will take home massive cash. The problem child has come out on top in more ways than one, as not only did he emerge victorious in the fight, but his financial gains also surpassed those of his rival.

His fight purse alone edges out Tommy Fury's, and even the Pay-Per-View buys indicate that Jake Paul is set to take home a larger share of the profits. Clearly, Paul's business savvy is just as impressive as his fighting skills. So, before the fight, let's get some details about their earnings after the match, predictions, odds, and many more.

Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury Fight Purse: How Much Will the Boxers Earn?

The fight between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury will make both fighters take home impressive cash. According to sources, the fighters will earn a combined amount of over $13 million. It is reported that the Problem Child will earn a guaranteed amount of $3.2 million with 65% of the pay-per-view money. Not only that, but he will take impressive cash from endorsements too. In total, Sports Zion has claimed that Paul will earn at least $8.6 million, win or lose.

Paul Paul and Fury will take home millions from their fight.  SOURCE: Twitter @Legionnairecsn

On the other hand, Fury is set to earn a guaranteed payout of $4.5 million, the biggest payday in TNT history. $4.5 million includes his fight purse and 35% of the PPV shares. There is no shadow of a doubt that both of them will earn one of the biggest paydays of their boxing career.

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Jake Paul's "Winner Take All" Offer to Tommy Fury

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury's fight are going wild as the Problem child gives a surprising offer to Fury. From the beginning, Paul wanted to make a pre-fight bet with Tommy. Instead of having him get a tattoo or change his name, Jake instead offered the idea of a winner take all fight.

Paul Paul and Fury in the pre-fight press conference.  SOURCE: Twitter @boxingscene

The offer came in the pre-fight press conference, to which the Fury camp agreed with his father and went over to shake Jake's hand. If both of them are serious about this interesting custom bet, then they will earn over $13.1 million alone.

Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury Record, Prediction, and Odds

Both Paul and Fury have proven themselves capable of handling the level of competition against which they've fought previously. Not only that, the fighters have the means and resources to put together comparable fight camps. Paul and Fury have prepared themselves for the biggest fights of their career.

While Fury may have a slight technical advantage going into the fight, his past bouts have shown that he struggles to push the pace against lower-tier opponents. However, Fury's sharp jab is a formidable weapon that could pose a major challenge for the Problem Child. If Fury effectively utilizes his jab early on and maintains pressure on Paul, it could give him the edge he needs to accumulate points on the scorecard. Not to mention, his boxing record is 8-0 and has not fought since the past April after defeating Daniel Bocianski

Jake Jake Paul in a fight against Anderson Silva.  SOURCE: Twitter @Aaronle78591732

On the other hand, Jake has a professional boxing record of 6-0. He has an impressive one-punch knockout power. For your information, he has won four of his fights with a knockout. Looking at all of his past fights, it is clear that Jake is willing to take on more challenges and is improving his every fight. According to the current odds, Paul is favored to win with a -170 line, while Fury remains the underdog with a +145 line.

Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury Date, Start Time, Official Weigh-In, and More

Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury is on February 26. Boxing fans in America can watch the fight on ESPN+ PPV. In Canada, one can watch the fight on DAZN and FITE.tv. In the U.K., the fight will be available through BT Sport Box Office. Regarding the official weigh-in, Paul weighed in at 183.6 lbs, while Fury was slightly heavier at 184.5 lbs. More facts about the main event are listed below.

  • Date: Sunday, February 26, 2023
  • Main Card: 7 p.m. GMT / 2 p.m. ET  
  • Main event ring walks (approx): 10 p.m. GMT / 5 p.m. ET
  • Weight class: Cruiserweight bout
  • Location: Diriyah Arena, Diriyah, Saudi Arabia

Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury Fight Card

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