How Rich Is Robert Griffin III? Know About His Net Worth, Salary, Earnings, and Contract Details

by Charleen Fri Jan,2023
How Rich Is Robert Griffin III? Know About His Net Worth, Salary, Earnings, and Contract Details

As a professional NFL player, it is pretty obvious that one will take home an impressive fortune from million-dollar contracts with NFL teams. Being one of the most important players on the team, you will also get a massive deal. Pro Bowl quarterback Robert Griffin III is also one of them who has racked up a massive profit from his NFL career.

During his professional career, Robert played with a few teams and had multi-million deals with them. Due to that, Robert is living a luxurious life even after retiring from the NFL. We know he has retired from playing but has not left the field, as he is an analyst. So, here are his net worth, career earnings, and contract details.

What Is The Net Worth Of Griffin Roberts?-Robert's Net Worth Is Over $13 Million!

With years as an NFL player, Griffin III amassed a massive fortune. Having played for a few teams during his professional NFL career, Robert has amassed over $13 million net worth. The former NFL player made approximately $21 million while playing with the Washington Redskins, thanks to his status as the second-overall pick.

RobertRobert Griffin III works as a football analyst.  SOURCE: Instagram @rgiii

Robert was making millions per season, and in December 2020, Sports Casting reported that Griffin III was still getting $2 Million per season as a backup in Baltimore. After retiring from NFL, Robert began working as a football analyst for ESPN.

A person working as an ESPN Sports Analyst in the United States is reported to earn $59,319 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be around $28.52 an hour. This is the equivalent of $1,140/week or $4,943/month. So, we can say that Griffin III may earn in the same range from his tenure at ESPN.

Robert Griffin Contracts And Career Earnings- Robert’s Million-Dollar Contract With NFL Teams

During his professional NFL career, Griffin III played for the Washington Redskins, the Cleveland Browns, and the Baltimore Ravens. After finishing his college career, Robert made an announcement on January 11, 2012, revealing his intention to enter the 2012 NFL Draft. Later, the Washington Redskins drafted him in the 2012 NFL Draft with a second overall pick.

The former NFL player signed a professional deal with the Redskins team on July 18, 2012. After signing a deal, he received $21.1 million with a $13.8 million signing bonus. In the following season, he earned $1,349,959, which increased to $2,309,918 in 2014.

RobertRobert Griffin III when he was playing for the Baltimore Ravens. SOURCE: Instagram @rgiii

After earning $3,269,877 in 2015, Robert moved to another team, Cleveland Browns. Griffin III and the Browns team agreed on a deal of $15.1 million on March 24, 2016. However, the Browns released Griffin on March 10, 2017. But his career didn't stop there. After remaining a free agent for all of 2017, he signed a one-year contract with the Baltimore Ravens on April 4, 2018. That year, he received $1,100,000, and the income rose to $2,018,926 the next year. During his last year with the Baltimore Ravens, Robert took home $2,013,353.

According to Spotrac's financial data, Robert earned a total of $33,235,752 playing in eight seasons. 

RG3 Made Millions From Sponsorship and Brand Endorsement

The former NFL player earned money from his NFL team deals and brand endorsement. Players like Eric Bieniemy and Troy Williamson have also made a massive profit from their collaborations with sports brands. In the same way, RG3 is another player who worked with multiple brands during his professional career.

Robert Robert Griffin III promotes multiple brands.  SOURCE: Instagram @rgiii

Robert's brand collaborations started even before his rookie season with the Redskins. RG3 had sponsorship deals with multiple brands, including Nissan, Subway, Adidas, and EA Sports. 

Robert Griffin III’s Luxurious Lifestyle Explored – Cars, Houses, Real Estates!

Having earned a handsome chunk of money, there is no shadow of a doubt that Robert has a luxurious life. He reportedly has an impressive car collection which includes Volkswagen Phaeton W12, which costs $96,100. Likewise, he was once spotted rolling in Continental GTC V8 and a Ford truck. 

For your information, the starting price of Continental GTC V8 is reported to be $238,325. Apart from his car collection, Griffin has some amazing properties under his name. He once had a luxurious Leesburg mansion valued at around $2.7 million. In April 2016, he sold the property and purchased another property.

Robert Robert Griffin III with his pet dog.  SOURCE: Instagram @rgiii

RG3 purchased a home in Montgomery, Texas, for $2.25 million. It is a 9000-square-foot home that sits on a corner lot with direct frontage onto Lake Conroe. The amazing house has seven bedrooms and ten bathrooms, built-in 2007. 

Likewise, the Mediterranean-style mansion has four balconies, a beach entry pool with a swim-up bar area, a garage for 11 cars and a golf car, a private boat dock, and a recessed outdoor kitchen. In 2018, RG3 made a big move after listing the mansion for $2.6 million

Similarly, Robert had a home in Loudoun County which he sold on September 2021 for $2.825 million. While buying that property in May 2013, Robert paid $2.5 million. He listed the property for sale in April 2016 for $2.75 million, but the price was reduced to $2.7 million in March 2017. Furthermore, the property was relisted again on August 5 for $3.3 million and dropped to $3 million by August 30. 

Robert Has a Foundation Under His Name

Moving onwards, RG3 has a charitable foundation named the RGIII Foundation. His foundation supports underprivileged youth, military families, and domestic violence victims. On February 2021, they donated 10,500 meals to the North Texas Food Bank.

The The RG3 Foundation helped some kids.  SOURCE: Twitter @RG3Foundation

In December 2022, the RGIII foundation gave a one-day shopping spree at Walmart for 25 Boys & Girls Clubs members of Copperas Cove, Texas. In the same way, RG3 has worked with the Family of 3 foundations to help three struggling families each year.

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