Pete Sampras Son, Christian Sampras is Hot Model [2023 UPDATED]: Know about Christian's Net Worth, Father, Mother and Age

Tue Feb,2023
Pete Sampras Son, Christian Sampras is Hot Model [2023 UPDATED]: Know about Christian's Net Worth, Father, Mother and Age Tennis

Christian Charles Sampras is a star kid famous for being the firstborn child of Pete Sampras. His father is an American former world No. 1 tennis player who is regarded as one of the greatest tennis players of all time. Christian's parents, Pete and Bridgette Wilson have been married since 2000. 

Meanwhile, Christian is not only the child of his parents as he grew up alongside his younger brother named, Ryan Nikolaos Sampras. The Sampras family lives happily in Lake Sherwood, California. As a star kid, people are eager to know about Christina Charles Sampras, the firstborn child of former tennis star Pete and his wife.

Pete Sampras Son: Who is Christian Charles Sampras?

Christian Charles Sampras was born on November 21, 2002, to his parents, Pete Sampras and Bridgette Wilson. The Sampras brothers were raised in Los Angeles, California, United States. Christian's brother was born on July 29, 2005. Regarding his family life, Christian's parental grandparents are Georgia Sampras and Sam Sampras, while his maternal grandparents are Kathy Wilson and Dale Wilson

Pete Sampras Son, Christian Charles Sampras: Christian Sampras is an Aspiring Young Model

As the son of a tennis player, many have speculated that Christian may have followed in his father's footsteps. However, he is not engaged in sports. As per some sources, the player child is an aspiring model who seems to be pursuing a career in the modeling industry.

ChristianChristian Charles Sampras shares a photo from one of his bike rides. SOURCE: Twitter @RealCSampras

Also, Sampras once had a website to showcase his modeling works, but it is currently inactive. Apart from that, he is also interested in riding bikes and has shared some snaps on his Twitter account. Moreover, Christian may give more updates about his upcoming career in the future.

Pete Sampras Net Worth, Prize Money, ATP Tour Earnings, Career Earnings: How Rich is Pete's Son, Christian Charles Sampras 

Christian Charles Sampras has an estimated net worth of $100,000, A model in the United States earns an average of $125,457 annually. However, details regarding his income remain a mystery. But Christian lives a quality life as his father has accumulated a massive fortune from his long-term tennis career.

Pete Sampras has an estimated net worth of $150 Million, Pete actively played tennis for a long time and has earned a total prize money of $43,280,489 (Singles & Doubles Combined). In the same way, Pete bagged himself some cash from endorsements and sponsorship deals. Some online sources claim that he earned nearly $100 million from brand endorsement. 

Pete Pete Sampras during his tennis game.  SOURCE: Twitter @SarahLaurie

Having an impressive fortune, the Sampras family lives a lavish life. Pete and his wife, Bridgette Wilson, purchased a 10,000-square-foot mansion in Beverly Hills in 2001, paying $8.9 million. In mid-2008, they listed the property for $23 million, but they received a $17 million offer from Max Mutchnick. 

In the same way, the couple bought another property for $5.6 million in 2009. In February 2017, they sold the house for $7.25 million. Likewise, Pete and his wife have other real estates in which they have spent millions of dollars.

Christian Charles Sampras Mother, Bridgette Wilson: Know About Pete Sampras' Wife

Christina's mother, Bridgette Wilson, is a well-known former actress, singer, and model. In 1990, Wilson was crowned Miss Teen USA at the age of 17. She was the second contender from Oregon to win the crown. Besides her modeling career, Bridgette is also a prominent actress who has appeared in many hit movies and tv series.

BridgetteBridgette Wilson when she was crowned Miss Teen USA.  SOURCE: Instagram @bridgettewilsonfans

Wilson made her on-screen debut by landing the role of Lisa Fenimore in a television series named Santa Barbara. Also, she is famous for her portrayal in Last Action Hero, Higher Learning, Mortal Kombat, and Billy Madison

Likewise, Wilson is a singer with a gifted voice who released two albums named I Only Wanna Be With You (1994) and Gimme a Kiss (1996). She also collaborated with Tommy Shane Steiner on a single named What We're Gonna Do About It, released in 2002. 

Pete Sampras Wife, Bridgette Wilson: Pete and Bridgette's Relationship Timeline

Pete Sampras and Bridgette's love story began all the way back when Pete spotted her at a Los Angeles movie theater. The former tennis player opened up about their first meeting with In-Style Magazine. So, they were introduced to each other by a friend.

Pete Pete Sampras and his wife in a frame.  SOURCE: Daily Mail

Shortly after knowing each other, Pete and Bridgette began dating. They were in a romantic relationship for nine months. On May 29, 2000, Pete proposed to his partner and got engaged. After 16 weeks of engagement, the pair walked down the wedding aisle on September 30, 2000. They had a wedding ceremony at Beverly Hills home.

Where is Pete Sampras Now? Know About His Age and Retired Life

Pete Sampras played tennis professionally for a long time, and his portfolio is pretty impressive. He announced his retirement from professional tennis in August 2003. On April 6, 2006, three and a half years after his retirement, Pete returned again to action. He played his first exhibition match against Robby GinepriAfter that, Sampras also faced other tennis stars, including Roger Federer. Now, the former tennis player is having a good time with his family staying away from the media too.