Carsten Sabathia

by Prasiddha 02 Feb,2023
Carsten Sabathia
Body Stats
Height 6 Feet 4 Inch
Weight in KG 108 kg
Personal Info
  • Father Carsten Charles Sabathia Jr.
  • League Name
  • Relationship Status single
  • Weekly wage
  • No. of Twitter Followers 1059
  • First Name Carsten
  • Endorsment brands
  • No. of Instagram Followers 34,300
  • Past Team
  • Father Nationality American
  • Mother Amber Sabathia
  • Wikipedia
  • Last Name Sabathia
  • Birth Name Carsten Charles Sabathia III
  • Net Worth
  • Mother Nationality American
  • Facebook
  • Current Club Jersey Number 24
  • Twitter
  • Siblings Carter Sabathia, Jaeden Arie Sabathia and Cyia Sabathia.
  • Birth Country United States
  • No. of Siblings 3
  • First Club Name
  • Instagram
  • Famous Name
  • Children
  • Career Earnings
  • Horoscope Virgo
  • House Location New Jersey
  • House Price
  • Position in Team slugging infielder
  • Number of Cars 1
  • Date September 15
  • First Club Join Date
  • Nationality American
  • Current team Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
  • Ethnicity
  • Awards
  • Current City Atlanta, Georgia
  • Sponsors Winreality, coach, uninterrrupted and Champ sports
  • Religion Christians
  • Profession Baseball player
  • School Location Atlanta, Georgia
  • Famous for
  • Started career as Baseball player
  • Came to fame after
  • University Team Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
  • Currently Club Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Carsten Sabathia III is a baseball prospect currently playing for Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. He rose to fame as the eldest son of former Major League Baseball (MLB) player CC Sabathia. Carsten is now in his senior year and plays first base at Bergen  Catholic high school in New Jersey.

Carsten Sabathia was born on September 15, 2003 and has 3 siblings Carter Sabathia, Jaeden Arie Sabathia and Cyia Sabathia. Carsten grew up in New Jersey and is greatly influenced by his father, CC Sabathia. CC Sabathia compares his younger self to his son and is highly satisfied with his performance. Sabathia has committed to playing baseball for Georgia Tech, which has won 9 ACC championships and made three College world series appearances.

CC Sabathia's Son Commits to Georgia Tech's baseball program

Georgia Institute of Technology is an educational institute that participates in baseball games under a team named Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Prospect Carsten Sabathia attends Georgia Tech University and plays under Yellow Jackets.

CarstenCarsten Sabathia plays for Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. SOURCE: The Athletic

Georgia Tech has a meager acceptance rate of 16% as of 2021 and is considered the nation's top for training future baseball prospects. Georgia Tech has won 9 Atlantic Coast Conference.

He plays at Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets as a first baseman and has a towering height of  6 feet 4 inches.

Carsten Sabathia III's Brand Endorsements

At only 19 years of age, Carsten Sabathia is becoming bolder on the baseball platform as the days pass. Carstean was introduced to baseball at a young age, and his fame skyrocketed when he joined Georgia Tech's baseball program.

His father, CC Sabathia, has amassed a net worth of $80 million over 19 seasons of his career. In his Instagram, he has promoted tech and clothes-based brands like Winreality, coach, uninterrupted, and Champ sports. He hasn't revealed the monetary deals between him and these brands yet.

CarstenCarsten Sabathia promotes brands on his Instagram. SOURCE: [email protected]

Carsten Sabathia currently goes to Georgia Tech Baseball and has promoted bags and clothes as back-to-school accessories.

Know About Carsten Sabathia III's Parents

Carsten Charles Sabathia III is the son of famous MLB player CC Sabathia and his Wife Amber Sabathia. The couples have four children eldest one is Carsten Charles III, who is 19 years old,  Jaden Arie Sabathia was born in 2005; Ciya Sabathia was born in 2008; and the youngest one is Carter Sabathia was born in 2010. 

Carsten Sabathia III's father, CC Sabathia Jr., is an American former professional baseball pitcher who played with the New York Yankees for over 20 seasons in MLB.

Carsten CC Sabathia and Amber Sabathia are proud parents. SOURCE: The Athletic

Carsten Sabathia's family lived outside his father's hometown until his father signed with the Yankees and moved to New Jersey.

Carsten Sabathia's mother, Amber Sabathia, is an Entrepreneur, Public speaker, and Co-founder of the PitCCh Foundation.

Is Carsten Sabathia In A Relationship?

Carsten Sabathia III recently moved from his family home in New Jersey to Georgia Tech University to upgrade his baseball skill and experience.

The Young baseball player is boldly focused on his baseball career and seems uninterested in youth romance. Carsten Sabathia is currently single and sharply concentrated on brushing up his baseball skill for the upcoming MLB recruit.

Carsten Carsten Sabathia III attends Georgia Tech University.  SOURCE: instagram: @carsteniii

 After Carsten III moved away from his family, especially his mother, his daily chores and trivial activities, which his mom fulfilled, became confusing. Amber Sabathia shares her eldest son's perplexed moments on her Instagram.

Beginning Of Carsten Sabathia III's Baseball Career

He was one of the top 400 prospects of this year's MLB Draft but wasn't drafted. Carsten's hitting power has shown the club recruiters that he is no ordinary baseball player. Currently, Carsten Sabathia plays for Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, and the reason behind choosing Yellow Jackets was that he could be close to his Grandmother, who lived near Atlanta institution.

Carsten is only 19 years of age and hasn't started his professional career yet. Most baseball father-son duos are usually the same, but this one is the opposite.

Carsten Sabathia III plays as a slugging infielder, and his dad, a former MLB player, plays as a pitcher. Carsten's maintained and well-proportionate body allows him for quick and agile movements, unlike his dad.

Carsten Sabathia's Life As A Toddler

Carsten Sabathia III was a quirky child who always wanted a bat and ball to play around with. When Sabathia was two years old, he could throw and hit balls as a 4-year-old would. Carsten also watched numerous baseball stadium matches and refused to go home when the game was over. 

Carsten Carsten Sabathia grew up in New Jersey.
SOURCE: The Athletic

Amber Sabathia's mom would encourage him to play more in parks rather than discourage him, giving Carsten a unique childhood experience that fructified later in his future e. By the time Carsten III was 6, he could hit balls in baseball batting cages, and growing up, Sabathia watched his father practice.

Carsten Sabathia's Well-Trained Body

Carsten Sabathia stands 6 feet 4 inches and weighs 240 pounds, i.e., 108 Kilo arms.  Unlike his father, he is incredibly gifted and has athletic musculature.

Carsten has a well-proportionate body with a square-shaped torso, considered significant per plays. As a growing teen, we can expect his height to increase in the future.

Overall, Carsten Sabathia III has a bright and bold future and will wildly succeed in baseball soon.


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