Bud Daniel

by Jack Ol 18 Jun,2020
Bud Daniel

Glenn Bud Daniel was one of the best and famous cowboy coaches in college baseball history. Bud Daniel spent around twenty seasons as a head coach of the University of Wyoming baseball team. During his period he directed Wyoming to its only College World Series appearance in 1956. Glenn Bud Daniel coached to Wyoming and during his coaching, Wyoming won four mountain States Conference Championships. (1954, 1955, 1956, 1961) and one WAC division title in 1966. 

Glenn Bud Daniel was born in Belleville, Kansas in 1923. His father's name was TJ Daniel and his mother's name was NInah Daniel. His father TJ was a Railroad Train Dispatcher. He completed the school level from Casper high school. After graduating from school, he entered the University of Wyoming in the fall of 1941. But his college studies was break off by World war second (II) and the bombing of Pearl Harbor. He left this world at the age of ninety-six in Tucson, Arizona on November 1, 2019.

Bud Daniel Salary and Net worth

The former college coach Daniel spent years as the head coach of the University of Wyoming baseball team and made his remark as one of the best of his time having won several States Conference Championships. He was one of the highest-paid coach of his time with the annual salary of thousands of dollars.

Daniel left the property worth millions after his death in 2019. However, the total value of his assets is not calculated yet.


Glenn Bud Daniel actually started to play baseball at the age of fourteen in the American Legion Program at Salina, Kans. In 1941 Bud Daniel came to UW from Casper and he intended to play baseball for the cowboys. When he started playing formally for cowboys he was chosen as a team captain. Moreover, he was UW's student body president.

Daniel signed a normal league with the St.louis Cardinals ensuing his collegiate days. While he was playing for Cardinals he was being offered by the new job from Cody high school and which was accepted by Daniel. The job was for the post of Science Teacher and the head coach for both basketball programs and for Cody's baseball team. After two years Daniel was hired by Cowboy to work in the field of baseball head coach and the department athletic business manager He covers up both jobs from 1950 to 1971. 

Dignity and Awards

After Pearl Harbor was bombed, he started to deliberate to serve his country and gained  Purple Heart, Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal with two Gold Stars, and the Navy Unit Citation. Awards own by Bud Daniel are:

  • Four Mountain States Championships
  • Wyoming record for most baseball wins
  • College Baseball Hall of Fame
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