How Did The Belgian Goalkeeper Arne Espeel Die? Know About The Cause of His Death and Bio, Relationship Status, Net Worth, Earnings

by MKhanal 19 Feb,2023
How Did The Belgian Goalkeeper Arne Espeel Die? Know About The Cause of His Death and Bio, Relationship Status, Net Worth, Earnings
Personal Info
  • First Name Arne
  • Last Name
  • Birth Name Espeel
  • Net Worth $100,000
  • Birth Country Belgium

Arne Espeel is a former Belgian goalkeeper. He reportedly collapsed in the mid-game after collapsing in the mid-game and was pronounced dead shortly after being talked to a hospital. 

Arne was playing in the second division of West Brabant in Belgium against Westrozbeke. His team was on the winning side of the game with a 2-1 taking the lead. Westrozbeke won a penalty, but Espeel saved the penalty but collapsed to the ground shortly after saving the penalty. 

How Did Arne Espeel Die? Know About His Cause of Death

The exact cause of death for the "dearly loved" 25-year-old has not yet been announced, with results from an autopsy on Monday not publicly released.

ArneArne Espeel passed away after collapsing in a game  SOURCE: Winkel Sport B

As per sources, "Our goalkeeper got up as fast as possible to receive the ball, but then he fell. It was really terrible to watch. All the players showered together after the incident. When the message came that our goalkeeper was dead, it was an unusually heavy blow. I think some players still don't realize exactly what happened."

The medical staff tried to save Espeel with a defibrillator but he was pronounced dead when He reached a nearby local hospital. 

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Belgian media reported that Espeel’s younger brother Aaron was on the bench for the game. More than 1,000 people paid tribute to Espeel in a memorial for the goalkeeper on Monday evening.

The Cause Of his death will be revealed after the autopsy which will be done in Monday. 

Who is Arne Espeel Dating? Know About His Relationship Status and Girlfriend

The goalkeeper never opened up about his relationship status. Unlike other players, He kept his personal life away from public appearances and was not available on social media sites. 

Arne could have been single, dating, or even married at the time of his death in February 2023. 

Arne Espeel's Wiki and Club

Arne Espeel was born in 1998 in Belgium. As per sources, He has a brother, Aaron, who also plays for the Winkel Sport B side. More information about his siblings and early life is under the radar. 

More about his parents and early life information is under the radar. He was yet to make his international debut for the Belgium national team. 

Arne Espeel's Net Worth and Salary

Arne Espeel had an estimated net worth of more than $100,000 at the time of his death. The goalkeeper never shared his financial details and contract. He had been playing with Winkel Sport B since his early days. 

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